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Outbound tourism business

Outbound tourism business

Outbound tourism business refers to: under the conditions permitted by China's laws, some qualified and specially approved travel agencies have the right to franchise our outbound tourism business at their own expense. These travel agencies carry out cross-border tourism reception business.

1、 Conditions for overseas travel

Except for the following five kinds of people who are not allowed to leave the country, other people don't need any conditions to travel abroad in principle

1, the criminal suspect in the criminal case and the public security organ or the people's Procuratorate or the people's court.

2. The people's court notifies that there are unsettled civil cases that cannot leave the country;

3. Being sentenced and serving a sentence;

4. Being reeducated through labor;

5. The relevant competent authorities of the State Council consider that leaving the country will endanger national security or cause great losses to national interests.

2、 Information needed for traveling abroad

1. Private passport valid for more than 6 months should be provided together with the renewed old passport (please go to the immigration control office of the place where the registered permanent residence is located, and the evidence can be obtained within 15-20 working days)

2. Certificate of employment (sample provided by travel society after registration)

3. Copy of business license

4. Copy of ID card and household register.

5. Certificate of assets: Certificate of deposit of more than 50000 yuan and copy of house property certificate. At present, there is no need to provide employment certificate for those who are unemployed or unemployed, but they need to provide their own or (parents, spouse, etc.) bank transaction records of more than six months and other materials to prove their economic strength

6. Students also need to provide the school in reading and leave certificate, a copy of the student card

7. Retirees also need to provide a copy of the retirement certificate

3、 Visa business

1. The cumulative visa rate of tens of thousands of people is 99%

2. U.S. Canada Australia multiple round trip visas for 10 years

3. Japan South Korea New Zealand Schengen 26 countries single multiple visa

4. Business visa for Southeast Asian countries

5. APEC 16 business travel card

6. Investment visa of various countries

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